One cool evening in December 1994, a Gideon brother, Tunde Olorode, asked me to accompany him to a distant church where he had an appointment to book a service with a pastor. On our way for the long walk, I remembered a Methodist Bishop I once met in a plane who had asked me to see him a long time ago. We debated on whether to go see the other pastor first since his church was further off then see the Bishop later. However, we decided to call on the Bishop first. We met him just as he was about to get out of church premises. We made introductions and he was so excited when he knew we were Gideons, and then narrated how God used a Gideon more than ten years ago, to save him from an unfortunate situation as a student in the USA.

According to him, he had just arrived the USA as a pastor for his doctorate. He bought a car which he used for just 48 hours before it developed a fault. Did all he could, the car could not run. At a prayer request, a man later met him and they exchanged addresses.

He left the meeting when the telephone rang a few days later. The man whom he had met earlier was at the other end of the telephone. They booked an appointment. This man called personally later with his wife. He told the pastor how the Lord has blessed him personally. He later handed the pastor a car key. To the surprise of the pastor, the brother asked him to use the car till the end of his study. The pastor could not contain his surprise. This really helped him do all the running around that he needed to successfully complete his course. He later learnt that his benefactor is a member of the Gideons. This pastor has since been consecrated the Bishop of Abuja Diocese.

After this testimony, and without much ado, he told us that the door of his church will always be open to the Gideons. Even though it was tight period with loaded programme for the next day we still had an appointment.

The next day, Sunday, we were given a warm welcome on arrival. (Gideons, make it a point of duty to arrive at least 10 minutes before start of service). Came time for the Gideons message, the bishop addressed the church on behalf of the Gideons for 3 minutes, gave us princely speaking time of 3 minutes after which another member addressed the church on behalf of the Gideons for 1 minute (7 minutes Gideons time). Praise the Lord, in spite of the austere economic times people are going through, we had a good collection at the retiring offering, to enable us support the war ravaged Rwanda Brother Gideons keep it up and sow seeds where you can.

God bless.


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