A young man named Chukwunonye Nwachukwu was condemned to death by the High Court sitting at Awka Anambra State Capital years ago for armed robbery He received a copy of workers testament when the Gideons International Nnewi Camp visited their prison last June. he got convicted of his sins after reading the Scripture. He got himself hooked to his Testament that, the warders and his co – inmates observed a great change in his life. One day he notified the prison authorities that he wants to appeal against his judgement. They turned this down immediately telling him that there is no need for the appeal because he has been condemned five years ago that he should patiently wait for the hang man, but he persisted and his request was granted.

In the court after reviewing his case, the Judge commuted his death sentencce to five years imprisonment, which was also back dated to cover from the time he was condemned to death. It will be noted that the judge did not know that it has been five years since he was condemned.

Today Chukwunonye has been discharge from prison. He was once a native doctor now a Spirit filled Christian Worshipping the Lord in his homeland Awka.

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  1. To God be the glory ….I am Daniel Ejeh by name,far back between 2004 2005 I was living in sin,one evening in those days I sat at the front of the house when I was with my aunt in Otukpo local government area of Benue state.I was with the Gideon bible in my hand.I read about the crucifixion of Christ,I became convicted,I was crying,I prayed for forgiveness and God saved me.About two decades now I have been saved through the Gideon bible.And in numerous instances I can say,I have seen the hand of God.,In 2014 while I was in the campus in Federal poly Bida Niger state. in the night I was sleeping,the Lord spoke to me and say ‘rise up and pray,don’t you know that the Lord is going to use you’? God has used me to minister healing, since 2009 that I left my aunt’s house I have been preaching.I have preached on many Streets in the FCT,I have preached in different taxi, time without number.until this second the Lord is still with me,I was born and brought up in Deeper life Bible Church, yesterday day February/21/2023,I still went out to preach .And till I die,I will continue to preach.Thank God for Gideon bible.May God strengthen the organization

    1. Dear Daniel,
      Greetings to you in Jesus’ name.
      I am reaching out to you from The Gideons International in Nigeria, Head Office in Lagos.
      We thank the Lord for you and for the testimonies we’ve received from you about your encounter with the Gideons Bible.

      To God be the Glory

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